The Sony Xperia Play

Entertainment Features of the Sony Xperia Play

Everywhere you go, portable entertainment is everywhere. Whether you are interested in portable music devices such as iPods, handheld gaming consoles such as the Game Boy Advance, or high end smart phones such as the Sony Xperia Play, you're going to want to know what kind of features each of these portable devices offer you. This article will compare the Sony Xperia Play smart phone to the average iPod touch and to a handheld gaming console such as the Nintendo 3DS.

The first and foremost reason to get a Sony Xperia Play is because you need a phone for staying in touch with others. Now, if you purchase certain accessories such as a microphone, you can indeed use the iPod Touch as a phone provided you connect to a service such as Skype. However, the truth of the matter is that if you are looking for a device that was designed to be a phone from the ground up and did not have those features added merely as an afterthought, then you will want to go with the only one of the three choices that is actually a smart phone.

But when you're looking for entertainment, this is where comparison may begin to ensue. For exmaple, if you're looking for music, you can pick any of these three devices for that, but the device that is likely to be the best is the iPod Touch, as here you will get the most memory for storing music for your money, and it is going to come with the necessary software to help you play and enjoy that music. You are likely to get a similar or even greater experience on the Sony Xperia Play, but it will be cluttered with a number of additional activities that have nothing to do with making music. Similarly, the 3DS is for playing games.

There are several similarities and differences to possibly consider when deciding to purchase devices like iPod Touch, Nintendo 3DS and the Xperia Play. The system that is best for you will clearly depend on your needs, as well as on what you can afford to live without and what you absolutely must have in a package. If you decide to pursue the smart phone route, however, you will want to look into some of the many Sony Xperia Play accessories that are available for purchase.

Common examples include the charger, the Sony Xperia Play battery, and the Sony Xperia Play holster. An extra battery will give you more energy to do your music listening, gaming and more.

Having a charger is great to keep you gaming and listening to your music without having the battery drain so quickly. Finally, the holster is wonderful for helping you keep your phone close to you as you go about your day placing calls, watching videos, and browsing the internet.